. Many individuals you find on these pages are only distantly connected to us through marriages. We are not researching every individual to be found here. The reason they have been added, even though only distantly connected, is that we have found how hard it is researching your family, trying to find that one link you may be looking for. So we try to add as many names as we can, no matter how distantly connected, in the hope that it may help others in their research. It is impossible for us to ask every single person if they have any objection to being listed here. We have done our best not to include personal information on these pages. We have done our best not to include living individuals. If you find yourself mentioned here and would rather not then please contact us and we will remove you. We first became interested in our family history sometime in the mid 1980s. It started off as a hobby. We started with an exercise book. Then purchased our first computer. We never had a Family Tree Programme and did everything on word documents. Then we found a Family Tree Programme. It consisted of two 3in floppy discs. It was pretty gruesome; but to us it made a world of difference. Then the worst thing possible happened, we connected to the internet and our hobby became an obsession. I hope you can find something here that will help you in some way with your family searching. Please feel free to use whatever you find. We have just changed our web generating software--This has caused a few errors on our pages. missing links etc. We are endeavouring to rectify this problem. If you can assist with missing birth, death, marriage dates etc we would like to hear from you. ** It is impossible for us to research every individual mentioned here. Time and cost make that impossible, so we DO NOT guarantee the information here is 100% correct. It comes from a number of sources and has not all been researched by us. Some of these sources wished to remain anonymous so we have not included them. If you discover any errors please email us and we will make the corrections ASAP.