Bertha M. Brown

F, b. 1855
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     Her married name was Sansom. Bertha M. Brown was born in 1855. She lived in 1861 at Stanley, York, New Brunswick, Canada. She married Thomas Sansom, son of James Sansom and Jane Edgar, on 10 December 1875.


Thomas Sansom b. 16 Jan 1846, d. 19 Mar 1925

Charlotte Ann Brown

F, b. 20 April 1879
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     Her married name was Lewis. Charlotte Ann Brown was born on 20 April 1879 at New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia. She married Benjamin Neal Lewis, son of Joseph Richard Thompson-Lewis and Sophie Neal, on 19 January 1916 at New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia.


Benjamin Neal Lewis b. 3 Aug 1878, d. 13 Oct 1965

Edward Charles Brown

M, d. 29 December 1970
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     Edward Charles Brown married Alice Gwendoline Goss, daughter of George Thomas Goss and Anne Veronica Robertson. Edward Charles Brown died on 29 December 1970.


Alice Gwendoline Goss b. 29 Jul 1917, d. 29 Aug 2009

Florence Brown

F, b. 1891
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     Her married name was Holmes. Florence Brown married Herbert Holmes, son of John Holmes and Fanny Robinson. Florence Brown was born in 1891.


Herbert Holmes b. 1890

Francis Robert Brown

M, b. 29 August 1907, d. 22 November 1976
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     Francis Robert Brown was born on 29 August 1907 at Fitzroy South, Victoria, Australia. He married Laura Jean Victoria Hodgetts, daughter of Nathaniel Arthur Hodgetts and Amelia Jane Pearson, on 27 November 1948 at Victoria, Australia. Francis Robert Brown died on 22 November 1976 at Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, at age 69.


Laura Jean Victoria Hodgetts b. 17 Jul 1916, d. 30 Jul 1995

Gordon Brown

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     Gordon Brown married Dorothy Daphne Mills, daughter of Edward Arthur Mills and Daphne Richardson.


Dorothy Daphne Mills b. 13 Sep 1923