Theodore English

M, b. 1887
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     Theodore English married Dorcas Hole, daughter of Edgar Hole and Ellen Head. Theodore English was born in 1887.


Dorcas Hole b. 1896

Christian Godfied Alexander Erb

M, b. 28 July 1853, d. 28 May 1936
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     Christian Godfied Alexander Erb was born on 28 July 1853 at Heidenheim, Wuertiemberg, Germany. He married Jane Wise, daughter of Robert Wise and Mary Ann Lucas, on 16 September 1880 at Tasmania, Australia. Christian Godfied Alexander Erb died on 28 May 1936 at Tasmania, Australia, at age 82.


Jane Wise b. 15 Dec 1854, d. 20 Apr 1899

Ruth Helen Erskine

F, b. 20 May 1894, d. 1984
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     Her married name was Smith. Ruth Helen Erskine was born on 20 May 1894 at Rockland, Ontario, Canada. She married Victor Boyd Smith, son of Jobe Simeon Smith and Emma Lavina Roy, on 27 March 1919. Ruth Helen Erskine died in 1984 at Rockland, Russell, Ontario, Canada.


Victor Boyd Smith b. 1 Aug 1893, d. 19 May 1976

Benjamin Evan

M, b. between 1775 and 1795, d. between 1809 and 1881
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     Benjamin Evan was born between 1775 and 1795. He married Nancy Oak, daughter of Nathaniel Oak and Susanna Hastings, between 1806 and 1839. Benjamin Evan died between 1809 and 1881.


Nancy Oak b. 11 Apr 1792, d. 1879

Ada Annie Evans

F, b. 26 November 1882, d. 18 May 1936
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     Her married name was Flack. Her married name was Bain. Ada Annie Evans was born on 26 November 1882 at O'Brien's Bridge, Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia. She was christened on 3 May 1885 at St. Paul's Church of England, Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia. She married George James Bain in 1901. Ada Annie Evans died on 18 May 1936 at Hospital, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, at age 53. She was buried on 20 May 1936 at Cornelian Bay Cemetery and Crematorium, Tasmania, Australia.

Family 1

George James Bain b. 16 Dec 1852, d. 10 May 1904

Family 2


Albert Edward Evans

M, b. 14 July 1889, d. 1 September 1961
FatherThomas Morgan Evans b. 7 Aug 1856, d. 4 Jul 1924
MotherSusanna Eliza Hazzle b. 31 Jul 1859, d. Jan 1940
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     Albert Edward Evans married Gwendoline Verna Young, daughter of George Alexander Young and Mary Anne Elvina Amy Mackie. Albert Edward Evans was born on 14 July 1889 at 'Lowestoft', Berriedale, Van Diemen's Land, Australia. He died on 1 September 1961 at New Norfolk District Hospital, New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia, at age 72. He was buried on 4 September 1961 at Cornelian Bay Cemetery and Crematorium, Tasmania, Australia.


Gwendoline Verna Young b. 11 Aug 1893, d. 28 May 1967

Alice Maria Evans

F, b. 1898
FatherJohn William Evans b. 31 Dec 1862, d. 26 Jun 1951
MotherAlice Maria McCarney b. 1868, d. 5 Jan 1943
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     Alice Maria Evans was born in 1898 at Victoria, Australia.

Anna Maria Evans

F, b. circa 1838, d. 5 March 1903
FatherSamuel George Evans b. c 1805
MotherIsabella O'Malley b. c 1805
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     Anna Maria Evans was buried at Coburg General Cemetery, Coburg, Victoria, Australia. She (an unknown value.) Her married name was Wright. She was born circa 1838 at Rathdrum, County Wicklow, Ireland. She married Henry Francis Wright on 13 December 1864 at Private residence, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Anna Maria Evans died on 5 March 1903 at Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Henry Francis Wright b. c 1836, d. 21 Jun 1913