The Examiner Newspaper:-Wednesday 7 January 1931

The Presbyterian Sunday School picnic was held on the recreation ground, Glengarry, on New Year's Day. Games and races for the young folks and tea in the booth for all provided a pleasant. afternoon. Messrs. H. M. Bell and D. Cameron were handicappers and J. L. Hamilton and R. Tunks judges. Winners were:-Foe Sunday school children only-Maggie Hamilton, 1; Lizzle Fraser, 2; Nessie Hamilton, 1; Margaret Prosser, 2; Kathie Hamilton, 1; Bessie Prosser, 2;
Ray Cameron, 1: Charlie Stewart, 2; Keith Nash, 1; John Prosser, 2. Open
to all-Madge Lamont. 1; Grace Nash, 2; Beryl Nash, 1; Gwen Prosser, 2;
Grace Nash, 1; Lizzle Fraser, 2; Nessie Hammilton, 1; Margaret Prosser, 2;
Nellie Stewart, 1; Jean Nash, 2; Donald McKenzie, 1; Ray Cameron, 2;
Donald McKenzie, 1; Charlie Fraser, In the evening a delightful concert
was supplied by Misses Jean Monaghan, I. McElwee, B. and M. Stewart;
Messrs. D. Ramsay, .T. McElwee, R. Playstead, L. Jarman, L. Purse, and H. M. Boll. Accompanists were Mrs.. L. McElwee and Miss Jean Monaghan. The chairman, Mr. H. H. Bell, stressed the kindness of the party in breaking into their holiday at Beauty Point to supply the programme. Supper and dancing followed.