The Examiner Newspaper:-Tuesday 13 February 1900

(To the Editor.)
Sir,-As a resident of the locality in which Portsmouth Square is situated, I wish to support the proposal of 'Alderman Russen for a central light being put in the square. I would point out to the civic authorities the fact that large numbers of people pass through this square to and from the city, and also to and from the churches in Margaret-street. The central light would be greatly appreciated by many of the citizens to whom the square is a short cut, and especially to persons who are somewhat timid after dark. Moreover, if some of the things one hears are true, such a light would serve a moral purpose, for "he that
doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light." If an expression of local opinion is necessary, iI fancy that a numerously signed petition will be forthcoming.-Yours. etc.,
72 Frederick-street.