The Examiner Newspaper:-.Saturday 14 March 1908

Young Lad's Narrow Escape.-Bruce Ingles, the five-year-old son of Mr. David Ingles, grocer, of the Quadrant,
had a very narrow escape from serious injury yesterday afternoon. From the
official report of Sergeant Chamley, the police officer who was present, shortly
after the accident, it appears that a little after 2 o'clock he was attracted towards that part of Brisbane-street near the Quadrant by the presence there of a large crowd of people, and on investigating found that the lad mentioned had been under the feet of a pair of horses attached to a cab driven by A. Prosser. As a result of the accident, the boy had sus.ained severe cuts and bruises on' the head and hand. for which he was treated in Mr. G. C. Jack son's chemist shop. Dr. Pardey was in attendance, and having seen to the lad's injuries, had him conveyed, to his home. Those who witnesed the accident can hardly account for the lad's marvellous escape. He appeared to be completely mixed up with the horses' hoofs. According to the driver of the cab, the lad, hurrying across the road, fell in front of the horses, which were
on top of him before he could pull them up. At the time he was driving comparatively slowly. Mr. Morrison, who was a witness of the accident, stated that no blame could be attached to the driver, and with this Mr. ingles,
after enquiries, has fully concurred