Brawling at the Crown Inn.

Extract from Bedfordshire: Quarter Sessions - Covering Dates: 1821 - 1822.

Examinations and depositions: Inf. of Wm. Edwards, constable of Langford. He was called to the Crown Inn to stop a fight between Sam. Prior and Jn. Hickson. Whilst arresting Hickson, Hen. Hickson, his brother assaulted Edwards and tried to rescue his brother. Jn. Hickson was beating Prior who was lying on the ground bleeding "much wounded", violently. He took Hickson to his house "there being no place of Confinement at Langford". Hen. Hickson forced open the door of his house with his foot and broke the lock. Jn. Huitt (Rutt) and Robt. Swain were called upon and gave assistance to the constable and were both assaulted and knocked down by Hen. Hickson..