Rosanna Brown1

F, b. 1816, d. 15 August 1880
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     Her married name was Williams. Rosanna Brown was born in 1816 at Gloucestershire, England. She married John H Williams, son of Samuel Williams and Hannah Read, in 1836 at England. Rosanna Brown died on 15 August 1880 at Montague, Tasmania, Australia.


John H Williams b. 1816, d. 14 Jul 1883


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Samuel Brown

M, b. 1847, d. 16 May 1931
FatherJohn Brown b. 1810
MotherHannah Wood b. 1812, d. 1902
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     Samuel Brown was born in 1847 at Desford, Leicestershire, England. He married Mary Townsend, daughter of William Townsend and Mary Ann Allen, on 7 August 1870 at Leicester, Leicestershire, England. Samuel Brown died on 16 May 1931 at Leicester, Leicestershire, England.


Mary Townsend b. 1847, d. 3 May 1915

Sophia Brown

F, b. 1828
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     Her married name was Lummis. Sophia Brown married Ephraim Lummis. Sophia Brown was born in 1828 at Hopton, Suffolk, England.


Ephraim Lummis b. 1826

Susannah Brown

F, b. 1890, d. 1940
MotherEliza Ann Beecroft b. 12 Jun 1849
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     Susannah Brown was born in 1890 at South Creek, New South Wales, Australia. She died in 1940.

Ruby Eileen M Browne

F, b. circa 1898, d. 22 December 1968
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     Ruby Eileen M Browne was buried at St. Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery, Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia. Her married name was Unsworth. She was born circa 1898. She married Charles James Unsworth, son of James Unsworth and Jane Eliza Barwick, on 10 April 1920. Ruby Eileen M Browne died on 22 December 1968.


Charles James Unsworth b. 15 Nov 1895, d. 9 Apr 1969

Mary Browning

F, b. 1845
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     Her married name was Fry. Mary Browning married William Fry, son of Charles Fry and Elizabeth Scrivens. Mary Browning was born in 1845.


William Fry b. 1844