Sarah Ann Griffiths

F, b. 15 October 1852, d. 13 January 1917
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     Sarah Ann Griffiths was buried at Cressy, Tasmania, Australia. Her married name was Hodgetts. Sarah Ann Griffiths was also known as Sarah Ann GRIFFITHS. She was born on 15 October 1852 at Tasmania, Australia. She married William Hodgetts, son of James Hodgetts and Mary Fagan, on 2 August 1870 at Cressy, Tasmania, Australia. Sarah Ann Griffiths died on 13 January 1917 at Tasmania, Australia, at age 64.1


William Hodgetts b. 8 May 1843, d. 25 Nov 1916


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Thomas Griffiths

M, b. 1857
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     Thomas Griffiths was born in 1857. He married Eleanor Maria Sansom, daughter of John Sansom and Mary Evans, on 4 July 1888.


Eleanor Maria Sansom b. 18 May 1859

Elizabeth Charlotte Grigg

F, b. 15 December 1864, d. 2 November 1927
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     Her married name was Saltmarsh. Elizabeth Charlotte Grigg was born on 15 December 1864 at Tasmania, Australia. She married Thomas Richard Saltmarsh, son of John Saltmarsh and Elizabeth Hodgetts, on 25 September 1890 at Tasmania, Australia. Elizabeth Charlotte Grigg was buried in November 1927 at Christ Church Cemetery, Wellington Street, Longford, Tasmania, Australia. She died on 2 November 1927 at Tasmania, Australia, at age 62.


Thomas Richard Saltmarsh b. 1865, d. 12 Nov 1941

John Raymond Griggs

M, b. 12 July 1907, d. 25 July 1984
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     John Raymond Griggs was born on 12 July 1907 at Franklin, Tasmania, Australia. He married Priscilla Madge Torley, daughter of Herbert John Torley and Elsie May Bishop, on 1 September 1928 at Tasmania, Australia. John Raymond Griggs died on 25 July 1984 at Mackay, Queensland, Australia, at age 77. He was buried on 27 July 1984 at Walkerston, Queensland, Australia.


Priscilla Madge Torley b. 27 Apr 1912, d. 31 Aug 1986

Julia Ann Griggs1

F, b. 30 November 1849, d. 11 June 1927
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     Her married name was Newitt. Julia Ann Griggs was born on 30 November 1849.1 She married William Newitt, son of William Newitt and Elizabeth Evans, on 11 August 1869 at Tasmania, Australia.1 Julia Ann Griggs died on 11 June 1927 at Tasmania, Australia, at age 77.1 She was buried circa 14 June 1927.


William Newitt b. 27 Apr 1841, d. 27 Dec 1927


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Henry Arthur Grimble

M, b. 7 August 1903, d. 9 October 1974
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     Henry Arthur Grimble lived at Eastfiels Street, Limehouse, London, England; Early married life at Mays Cottages, Eastfiels Street,Limehouse,London. Henry Arthur Grimble was also known as Harry Grimble. He was born on 7 August 1903 at London Hospital, Stepney, London, England. He died on 9 October 1974 at Dagenham Hospital, Dagenham, Essex, England, at age 71.


Minnie Amy Kinch b. 10 Mar 1904, d. 26 Apr 1984