Eunice Sylvie Jefferies

F, b. circa 1910, d. 1986
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     Her married name was Lee-Archer. Eunice Sylvie Jefferies married Basil Robert Lee-Archer, son of John Lee-Archer and Lilian Margaret Brumby. Eunice Sylvie Jefferies was born circa 1910. She died in 1986 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Basil Robert Lee-Archer b. 4 Oct 1905, d. 1972

Mary Jefford

F, b. 1809
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     Mary Jefford married George Pritchett, son of Thomas Pritchett and Catherine Davis. Mary Jefford was born in 1809.

Jane Lusk Jeffrey

F, b. 1883, d. 1970
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     Her married name was Bonney. Jane Lusk Jeffrey was born in 1883. She married Frederick Arthur Bonney, son of Thomas Bonney and Janet Bartleman, between 1898 and 1915. Jane Lusk Jeffrey died in 1970.


Frederick Arthur Bonney b. 1879, d. 1918

Robert Jeffrey1

M, b. 1831
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     Robert Jeffrey was born in 1831.1 He married Emma Louisa Mansfield, daughter of Convict William Mansfield and Maria Cole Nichols, on 2 May 1866 at Tasmania, Australia.


Emma Louisa Mansfield b. 26 Jul 1841, d. 6 Mar 1884


  1. [S205] Website: Archives Office of Tasmania.

Grace E Jeffries

F, b. circa 1868, d. 1954
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     Grace E Jeffries was buried at Tumbarumba, New South Wales, Australia. Her married name was Nichols. She was born circa 1868. She married William Jubilee Nichols, son of John Nichols and Matilda Martha Brooker, in 1887. Grace E Jeffries died in 1954.


William Jubilee Nichols b. Apr 1863, d. 9 Jan 1951

Ann m Jenkins

F, b. 1610, d. between 1659 and 1705
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     Her married name was Jenkins. Ann m Jenkins was born in 1610. She married Reginald Jenkins, son of Reginald Jenkins, between 1626 and 1656. Ann m Jenkins died between 1659 and 1705.


Reginald Jenkins b. 1608, d. bt 1658 - 1700

David Jenkins

M, b. March 1903, d. after 1983
MotherMary Ellen Swaine b. 3 Dec 1872
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     David Jenkins was born in March 1903 at Liverpool, Lancashire, England. He died after 1983.

George Jenkins

M, b. 1899
MotherMary Ellen Swaine b. 3 Dec 1872
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     George Jenkins was born in 1899.

Hannah Jenkins

F, b. 1681, d. between 1720 and 1776
FatherJabez Jenkins b. May 1656, d. 2 Oct 1697
MotherHannah Curtis b. 1654, d. 1734
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     Her married name was Allen. Hannah Jenkins was born in 1681 at Kittery, Maine, USA. She married Francis Allen, son of Robert Allen and Hannah White, between 1693 and 1724 at Kittery, York, Maine, USA. Hannah Jenkins died between 1720 and 1776.


Francis Allen b. 1671, d. 17 Oct 1749