Tilly Beales

F, b. between 1861 and 1889, d. between 1904 and 1977
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     Her married name was Bidewell. Tilly Beales married Herbert Bidewell, son of Thomas Bidewell and Jane Varvill. Tilly Beales was born between 1861 and 1889. She died between 1904 and 1977.


Herbert Bidewell b. 5 Mar 1883

Norman Saville Bean

M, b. 21 February 1885, d. 22 February 1953
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     Norman Saville Bean was born on 21 February 1885 at Perth, Tasmania, Australia. He married Beryl Blanche Summers, daughter of Jonathon Henry Summers and Susan Ann Elizabeth Marshall, on 6 June 1913 at Evandale, Tasmania, Australia. Norman Saville Bean died on 22 February 1953 at Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, at age 68.


Beryl Blanche Summers b. 22 Feb 1891, d. 30 May 1961

Mary Bearnes

F, b. 7 October 1796
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     Her married name was Gilding. Mary Bearnes was born on 7 October 1796. She married Richard Gilding, son of John Gilding and Jean Perriman, on 16 October 1819 at Abbotskerswell, Devonshire, England.


Richard Gilding b. 7 Oct 1796

Maisie Beatrice Savige

F, b. 1909, d. August 1976
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     Maisie Beatrice Savige was also known as Maisie Laredo. She married Francis Roy Laredo, son of Emanuel Francis Laredo and Daisy Adeline Bradshaw. Maisie Beatrice Savige was born in 1909. She died in August 1976 at Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia.


Francis Roy Laredo b. 12 Aug 1912, d. 17 Oct 1984

Ann Beaumont

F, b. 1806, d. 1847
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     Her married name was Wright. Ann Beaumont married John Wright. Ann Beaumont was born in 1806 at Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, England. She died in 1847.


John Wright b. 1806, d. 1850