Mary Ann Pennicott

F, b. 1863
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     Her married name was Cornish. Mary Ann Pennicott was born in 1863. She married Charles Henry Cornish in 1887 at Tasmania, Australia.

Mary Pennington

F, b. 12 September 1819, d. 12 September 1863
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     Mary Pennington married John Osborne at Unknown. Mary Pennington was born on 12 September 1819 at Van Diemen's Land, Australia. She died on 12 September 1863 at age 44.


John Osborne b. 25 Dec 1804, d. 31 Jan 1878

Jane Pepper

F, b. circa 1690, d. 22 December 1736
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     Her married name was Arthur. Jane Pepper was born circa 1690 at St Mary, Dover, Kent, England. She married Edward Arthur on 3 April 1711 at Dover, Kent, England. Jane Pepper died on 22 December 1736 at Charlton, Dover, England.


Edward Arthur b. 1686, d. 25 Jun 1753

Ryan Stainton Pepyat

M, b. 23 May 1980, d. October 1982
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     Ryan Stainton Pepyat Sheppard Irene and Benbow Jean: The Benbow Family in Australia page
Sheppard Irene and Benbow Jean: The Benbow Family in Australia page
Victorian BDM Death Index 1921 - 1985 Death Registration No 13925 Ryan
Stainton Pepyat Aged 1 year. He was born on 23 May 1980. He died in October 1982 at Victoria, Australia, at age 2.

Thomas Percy

M, b. 4 November, d. 1997
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     Thomas Percy was born on 4 November. He married Madeliene Eva Cracknell, daughter of William John Cracknell and Eva Selina Hincks, on 31 August 1936 at St. Peter's Church of England, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia. Thomas Percy died in 1997.


Madeliene Eva Cracknell b. 21 Jul 1923, d. 1 Jan 2000

John Charles Perkins

M, d. 22 August 1962
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     John Charles Perkins married Hilda Elizabeth Bosworth, daughter of Charles Joshua Bosworth and Alice Maude Hodgetts, on 23 September 1927 at Tasmania, Australia. John Charles Perkins died on 22 August 1962 at Tasmania, Australia.


Hilda Elizabeth Bosworth b. 19 Dec 1900, d. 22 Aug 1962