Irene Constance Absalom

F, d. 22 June 1937
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     Her married name was Lewis. Irene Constance Absalom married Benjamine John Lewis, son of Henry Lewis and Helen Alice Lee, in 1917. Irene Constance Absalom and Benjamine John Lewis lived in 1921 at 13 Cascade Road, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Irene Constance Absalom died on 22 June 1937 at 13 Cascade Road, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She was buried on 23 June 1937 at Cornelian Bay Cemetery and Crematorium, Tasmania, Australia.


Benjamine John Lewis b. 7 Aug 1892, d. 18 Apr 1921

Annie Acton

F, b. 1880
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     Her married name was Foster. Annie Acton was born in 1880.



Alfred Andrew Adams

M, b. 1877, d. 1964
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     Alfred Andrew Adams was born in 1877 at Cobden, Victoria, Australia. He married Sarah Jane Manson, daughter of Edward Manson and Frances Faro, in 1901. Alfred Andrew Adams died in 1964 at Cobden, Victoria, Australia.


Sarah Jane Manson b. 1876, d. 1960

Amelia Lillas Adams

F, b. 22 June 1874, d. 13 June 1971
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     Her married name was Hodgetts. Amelia Lillas Adams was born on 22 June 1874. She married Tasman Wentworth Hodgetts, son of Thomas Hodgetts and Frances Agnes Lee, on 26 September 1900 at Palmerston, Tasmania, Australia. Amelia Lillas Adams was buried in June 1971 at Cressy, Tasmania, Australia. She died on 13 June 1971 at Cressy, Tasmania, Australia, at age 96.


Tasman Wentworth Hodgetts b. 30 Apr 1874, d. 24 Apr 1931

Catherine Adams

F, b. 1862
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     Catherine Adams was also known as Catherine Pritchett. She married John Pritchett, son of Ann Pritchett. Catherine Adams was born in 1862.

Emily Ann Adams

F, b. 1870, d. 1941
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     Her married name was Manson. Emily Ann Adams was born in 1870 at Cobden, Victoria, Australia. She married Edward Manson, son of Edward Manson and Frances Faro, in 1916 at Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. Emily Ann Adams died in 1941 at Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.


Edward Manson b. 1865, d. 1942

George William Adams

M, b. 1870
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     George William Adams married Ellinor Gladys Arnold, daughter of Jeremiah Arnold and Belinda Grace Hodgetts. George William Adams was born in 1870 at Tasmania, Australia.


Ellinor Gladys Arnold b. 6 Jul 1898, d. 28 May 1985

Henry W J Adams

M, b. 1868
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     Henry W J Adams was born in 1868 at Hay, New South Wales, Australia. He married Olive Ann Lucas, daughter of George Lucas and Mary Ann Martin, in 1907 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Olive Ann Lucas b. 1870, d. 21 Jun 1933