Hazel May Rushton1,2

F, b. 1930, d. 1 October 1994
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     Her married name was McKenzie. Hazel May Rushton was born in 1930. She died on 1 October 1994 at Tasmania, Australia. She was buried on 4 October 1994 at Carr Villa Cemetery and Crematorium, Nunamina Avenue, Tasmania, Australia.


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(?) Russell

M, b. between 1865 and 1895, d. between 1921 and 1978
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     (?) Russell was born between 1865 and 1895. He married Maude Thompson (Russell), daughter of William Henry Thompson and Ella Louise Hannahs, between 1894 and 1929. (?) Russell died between 1921 and 1978.


Maude Thompson (Russell) b. 1879, d. 1951

Ann Russell

F, b. circa 1780, d. 11 November 1847
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     Her married name was Newitt. Ann Russell was also known as Ann Harris. She was born circa 1780 at Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, England. She married Convict Adam Newitt, son of John Newitt, on 11 August 1817 at Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, England.1 Ann Russell arrived at Van Diemen's Land, Australia, in 1832.1 She died on 11 November 1847 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia. She was buried on 16 November 1847 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia.


Convict Adam Newitt b. 1789, d. 6 Feb 1874


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Caleb Joseph Russell

M, b. circa 1885
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     Caleb Joseph Russell was born circa 1885 at Warnambool, Victoria, Australia. He married Eunice Mary Schreck, daughter of Herman William Schreck and Florence Elizabeth Down, on 14 February 1912 at St Marys, Tasmania, Australia.


Eunice Mary Schreck b. 11 Feb 1894, d. 29 Jul 1972

Caroline Russell

F, b. 1878, d. 18 September 1936
FatherSamuel Herbert Russell b. bt 6 Apr 1840 - 21 Jan 1841, d. 21 Jan 1915
Last Edited12 Dec 2011
     Her married name was Getliffe. Caroline Russell was born in 1878 at Hallaton, Leicestershire, England. She was
on 3 April 1881. She lived on 3 April 1881 at Hunts Lane, Hallaton, Leicestershire, England. She was baptized on 22 July 1883 at Hallaton, Leicestershire, England. She lived on 5 April 1891 at Hunts Lane, Hallaton, Leicestershire, England;
ancestry has county Rutland but GENUKI has Hallaton in Leicestershire. Image has nothing for County. She was
on 5 April 1891. She married Robert Thomas Getliffe, son of William Getliffe and Emma Spence, on 7 August 1899 at Hallaton Parish Church, Harborough, Leicestershire, England. Caroline Russell lived on 31 March 1901 at 105 Moira Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, England. She died on 18 September 1936 at Hallaton, Leicestershire, England. She died on 18 September 1936 at Hallaton, Leicestershire, England. She was buried on 22 September 1936.


Robert Thomas Getliffe b. 21 May 1871, d. 1 Apr 1936

Elizabeth Edith Russell

F, b. 15 June 1877, d. 26 September 1955
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     Her married name was Davies. Elizabeth Edith Russell was born on 15 June 1877. She married Frederick John Davies, son of Benjamin Owen Davies and Laura Lillian Tatnell, on 7 March 1908 at King Street Independent Church, King Street (now Upper Pitt Street), Hobart, Tasmania, Australia;

Marriage witnesses:
M.S. Palfryman and Esther Cairns of Mt. Stuart. Elizabeth Edith Russell died on 26 September 1955 at Tasmania, Australia, at age 78. She was buried on 28 September 1955 at Cornelian Bay Cemetery and Crematorium, Tasmania, Australia, CE O 616.1


Frederick John Davies b. 17 Aug 1881, d. 5 Oct 1948


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Elleanor Russell

F, b. circa 1765
Last Edited10 May 2009
     Elleanor Russell was born circa 1765 at England. She 15.4.1815 Made application to leave Colony N.S.W.
25.5.1815 Left Colony to return to England. on 15 April 1815.


Simon McGuigan b. c 1760, d. 1823