Sarah Straw

F, b. 1795, d. 1871
FatherMichael Strand b. 1774, d. 1807
MotherElizabeth Peters b. 1771
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     Sarah Straw MARRIED. AGED 57. With son JOHN dau MARY and nephew & neice. With husband WILLIAM & dau MARY. AGE 66. Laundress. Her married name was Saddleton. Sarah Straw was also known as Strand?? Straw. She was baptized on 14 April 1793 at Hoath, Kent, England. She was born in 1795 at Hoath, Kent, England. She married William Saddleton, son of William Saddleton and Mary Feakins, on 26 January 1812 at Hoath, Kent, England. Sarah Straw died in 1871 at Blean, Kent, England.


William Saddleton b. 12 Jan 1786, d. 1864

John William Strickland

M, b. 29 December 1900, d. 13 July 1982
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     John William Strickland was born on 29 December 1900 at Tasmania, Australia. He married Eleanor Violet Wise, daughter of Henry Wise and Elizabeth Waddington, on 17 April 1926 at Tasmania, Australia. John William Strickland died on 13 July 1982 at Cressy, Tasmania, Australia, at age 81.


Eleanor Violet Wise b. 20 Jan 1900, d. 22 Jun 1968

Victor Charles Strickland

M, b. 1897, d. 4 August 1962
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     Victor Charles Strickland was born in 1897 at Tasmania, Australia. He married Muriel Edna Bosworth, daughter of Charles Joshua Bosworth and Alice Maude Hodgetts, on 14 February 1927 at Methodist Church, Longford, Tasmania, Australia. Victor Charles Strickland died on 4 August 1962 at Tasmania, Australia. He was buried circa 6 August 1962 at St. Andrew's Church Cemetery, Carrick, Tasmania, Australia.


Muriel Edna Bosworth b. 28 Dec 1904, d. 1 Feb 1984