Catherine Burns

F, b. 27 May 1810, d. 14 January 1862
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     Her married name was Sprague. Catherine Burns was born on 27 May 1810 at Gwennap, Cornwall, England. She married William Sprague, son of John Sprague, on 8 May 1832 at Gwennap, Cornwall, England. Catherine Burns died on 14 January 1862 at Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia, at age 51.


William Sprague b. 13 Oct 1799

Kathleen Wem Burns

F, d. 1945
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     Her married name was Bladon. Kathleen Wem Burns married George Blackett Bladon, son of George Goodwin Edward Bladon and Mary Jane Blackett, in 1934 at Canterbury, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Kathleen Wem Burns died in 1945 at Manly, New South Wales, Australia.


George Blackett Bladon b. 1911, d. 1962

Still Born Burns

F, b. 22 February 1861
FatherThomas Burns b. 1812
MotherElizabeth Wilkins b. 20 Jul 1823
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     Still Born Burns was born on 22 February 1861.

Thomas Burns

M, b. 1812
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     Thomas Burns was born in 1812. He immigrated on 26 June 1830; from Sheerness to Tasmania. He married Elizabeth Wilkins, daughter of William Wilkins and Hannah Melliar, on 26 September 1842 at Westbury Police Office, Westbury, Van Diemen's Land, Australia.


Elizabeth Wilkins b. 20 Jul 1823

Alan Frederick Burr

M, b. 17 January 1937, d. 17 January 1937
FatherAlbert Frederick Burr b. 24 Apr 1908, d. 4 Apr 1988
MotherRita Mavis Torley b. 8 Feb 1918, d. 6 Apr 1988
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     Alan Frederick Burr died on 17 January 1937 at Tasmania, Australia. He was born on 17 January 1937 at Moorina, Tasmania, Australia. He was buried on 18 December 1956 at Moorina, Tasmania, Australia.

Albert Frederick Burr

M, b. 24 April 1908, d. 4 April 1988
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     Albert Frederick Burr was also known as Albie Burr. He was born on 24 April 1908 at Tasmania, Australia. He married Rita Mavis Torley, daughter of Herbert John Torley and Elsie May Bishop, on 9 May 1936 at Church of England, Moorina, Tasmania, Australia. Albert Frederick Burr died on 4 April 1988 at Scottsdale, Tasmania, Australia, at age 79. He was buried on 6 April 1988 at Moorina, Tasmania, Australia.


Rita Mavis Torley b. 8 Feb 1918, d. 6 Apr 1988