Thomas A Wallace

M, b. 9 February 1877, d. 5 March 1961
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     Thomas A Wallace was Lawyer at USA. He married Elizabeth Kelly at USA. Thomas A Wallace was born on 9 February 1877 at Screven County, Georgia, USA. He died on 5 March 1961 at Bibb County, Georgia, USA, at age 84.


Elizabeth Kelly b. 19 Dec 1869, d. 22 Aug 1967

Elizabeth Kelly

F, b. 19 December 1869, d. 22 August 1967
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     Elizabeth Kelly married Thomas A Wallace at USA. Her married name was Wallace. Elizabeth Kelly was born on 19 December 1869 at Wayne County, USA. She died on 22 August 1967 at age 97.


Thomas A Wallace b. 9 Feb 1877, d. 5 Mar 1961

Convict Edward Garth

M, b. 1768, d. 18 December 1823
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     Convict Edward Garth From Chains to Freedom A History of the Garth/Bellett Family 1788-1982by Thais Mason Volume 1. He was born in 1768 at England. He was convict on 8 December 1784Edward was sentenced to death at Old Bailey 8th December 1784 for the theft of two cows.
A character witness at the trial said that Garth worked as a bricklayer and offered to employ him if acquitted.
He was reprieved on the 3 March 1785 to transportation to Africa, delivered from Newgate to Ceres hulk on 5 April 1885 aged 21. Sent to Portsmouth 24 February 1787 for embarkation on Scarborough.
On arrival at Port Jackson he was selected to go with the first group to settle Norfolk Island leaving 14 February 1788 by Supply. By 1 July 1791he was supporting himself, Susannah Garth and their child Mary Ann born in 1789.
On 6 July 1798 Garth was ordered 100 lashes for theft of three quarts of wheat.
He was settled at 8 December 1791 on 12 acres of land leased from the Government (Lot no. 29) at Grenville Vale. On 7 May 1792 Garth sold three sows to the government for 10.07.00. All his 12 acres (6 hill & 6 level) were cultivated by October 1793, in this year he was elected a member of the Norfolk Island Settlers Society. In January 1804 as acting gaoler, he was stabbed and seriously wounded by John Stephens alias Morris. On 3 April 1802, a lease of 40 acres awarded to his son Edward in October 1796 was sold by Garth to George Guest for 35.00.00 in trust for the boy.
By 1805 he was a second class settler, with six children, 14 of 30 acres cultivated, and 31 swine. August 1807 saw Garth with 13 acres in grain, 17 as pasture for his 25 sheep, three goats, and 24 hogs and 150 bushels of maize in hand.
On 26 December 1807 with his wife and six children left for Van Diemen's Land by Porpoise, leaving 30 acres all cleared, two houses (18' x 12' and 24' x 12') boarded, floored and shingled, and three log out-houses, valued at 50.00.00, and a stock entitlement of 27.15.00. At Van Diemen's Land, Garth had extensive holdings at Clarence Plains, Queenborough and Brown's River. On 29 March 1823 the "Hobart Gazette" advertised a 60 acre grant for Garth, ordered relinquished if not taken up.
He died at his farm at Sandy Bay on 13 December 1823, his burial registered at St David's Hobart on the 17th, age given as 55 years.
Reference: The Founders of Australia by Mollie Gillen, and
The Forgotten Generation of Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land by Reg Wright. He married Convict Susannah Gough in 1795 at Norfolk Island. Convict Edward Garth died on 18 December 1823 at Sandy Bay, Van Diemen's Land, Australia.


Convict Susannah Gough b. 1763, d. 24 Jun 1841

William Edward Ballantyne

M, b. 1831
MotherElizabeth Garth b. 1814, d. 13 Jan 1853
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     William Edward Ballantyne was born in 1831 at Van Diemen's Land, Australia.

Henry Garth

M, b. 1832, d. 1835
FatherEdward Garth b. 1794, d. 1873
MotherAnn Bellett b. 1798, d. 29 Apr 1896
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     Henry Garth was born in 1832 at Van Diemen's Land, Australia. He died in 1835 at Van Diemen's Land, Australia.