Thomas Drake

M, b. between 1768 and 1798, d. between 1823 and 1884
FatherFrancis Drake b. bt 1729 - 1773, d. bt 1768 - 1854
MotherSusanna Garner b. bt 1735 - 1776, d. bt 1768 - 1860
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     Thomas Drake was born between 1768 and 1798. He married an unknown person between 1791 and 1841. He married Sarah Buxton on 26 October 1818 at Costesse, Norfolk, England. Thomas Drake died between 1823 and 1884.

Family 1


Family 2

Sarah Buxton b. bt 1774 - 1801, d. bt 1823 - 1891

Florence Mary Drakeford

F, b. 1918, d. 1995
FatherJohn Henry Drakeford b. 1890
MotherFlorence Mabel Easton b. 1889
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     Her married name was Froggatt. Florence Mary Drakeford married Cyril Alexander Froggatt, son of Arthur Froggatt. Florence Mary Drakeford was born in 1918 at Surbiton, London, England. She died in 1995.


Cyril Alexander Froggatt b. 1915, d. 1979

John Henry Drakeford

M, b. 1890
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     John Henry Drakeford married Florence Mabel Easton. John Henry Drakeford was born in 1890.


Florence Mabel Easton b. 1889

Henry John Draper

M, b. 1883
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     Henry John Draper was born in 1883.

Kathleen E Draper

F, b. 1886
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     Kathleen E Draper was born in 1886.

Selena E Draper

F, b. 1888
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     Her married name was Leafe. Selena E Draper was born in 1888 at New South Wales, Australia. She married Cecil G C Leafe, son of John George Leafe and Alice Caroline Rispen, in 1909 at New South Wales, Australia.


Cecil G C Leafe b. 1884, d. 1934

Anastasia Drew

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     Anastasia Drew died at Drewscourt, Clare, Ireland. She was born at Drewborough, Clare, Ireland. Her married name was Watson. She married Felthan Watson, son of George Watson and Dorothy Gason, on 15 October 1780 at Dublin, Ireland.


Felthan Watson b. 1744, d. 1790

Millicent Duck

F, b. 1893
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     Her married name was Hole. Millicent Duck married John Hole, son of Edgar Hole and Ellen Head. Millicent Duck was born in 1893.


John Hole b. 1892

Richard Ducker

M, b. 10 March 1834, d. between 1870 and 1925
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     Richard Ducker Birth place may have been Reepham. He and Sarah Louise Bidewell Farmer of Westwick at time of marriage. Richard Ducker was born on 10 March 1834 at Swanton Abbott, Norwich, Norfolk, England. He married Sarah Louise Bidewell, daughter of Joseph William Bidewell and Mary Ann Hattersley, on 12 October 1865 at Swanton Abbott, Norwich, Norfolk, England. Richard Ducker died between 1870 and 1925.


Sarah Louise Bidewell b. 27 Jan 1832

Emma Duckett1

F, b. 1874
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     Emma Duckett was buried. She lived. Her married name was Poole. She was born in 1874. She married George Mathew Poole, son of Mathew Pool and Rachel Radford, in 1893 at Glamorgan, Tasmania, Australia.1


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