Albert Edward Bailey

M, b. 9 November 1890, d. 7 January 1891
MotherCaroline Rosevear Vincent b. 17 Jun 1862, d. 30 Sep 1924
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     Albert Edward Bailey was born on 9 November 1890 at 28 Canning Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. He died on 7 January 1891.

Arthur Cartland Bailey

M, b. between 1879 and 1902, d. between 1884 and 1983
FatherElwood Bailey d. bt 1879 - 1950
MotherElla Lydia Cartland b. 1 Jun 1861, d. bt 1879 - 1955
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     Arthur Cartland Bailey was born between 1879 and 1902. He died between 1884 and 1983.

Donna Leanne Bailey

F, b. 1966, d. 1 March 1981
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     Donna Leanne Bailey was born in 1966 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She died on 1 March 1981 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Elizabeth Bailey

F, b. 12 November 1795, d. 12 February 1879
FatherWilliam Bailey b. 29 Dec 1768
MotherAnn Granger b. 1764
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     Her married name was Cracklin. Elizabeth Bailey was born on 12 November 1795 at Haverhill, Suffolk, England. She married Joseph Cracklin, son of Martin Cracklin and Ann Whiffin, on 5 November 1815 at Haverhill, Suffolk, England. Elizabeth Bailey was a house-keeper at the Turiff Lodge Homestead which stood on the peak of a hill overlooking the Derwent River. It was, at one time, the retreat of Governors of earlyTasmanian.
It was an elegant house of great beauty and charm and kept up the traditions of the kind of life to which the ruling class were used.
The building of the Lodge was commenced in 1815 and it was known as the government cottage. The Derwent River could be seen from its verandas.

Both governors Davey and Sorell used cottage as a retreat from the pressures of their responsibilities.

In the time of Governor Sorell, when Elisabeth Cracknell worked as a housekeeper for about 12 months, the cottage consisted of a suite of rooms for the use of the Governor, with apartments for servantsandvarious domestic officers.

The Lodge was added to over the years and its gardens were a mass of English trees, with an avenue of Hawthorn hedges.
At its front a hundred steps went down to the river edge, all that can be seen today of this once beautiful building, although some of thet rees still stand as memorial of those days.

Later in Tasmanian history the Lodge was used as a home for Medical Officers of the Royal Derwent Hospital.

In 1849 a Mr E. Shoobridge leased the Lodge to introduce hop growing and he built a kiln on the nearby Millwood estate.
Mr Shoobridge’s venture prospered and he purchased the Valleyfield estate in 1855.
The Lodge was eventually demolished in c 1945 to make way for a dairy farm. circa 1824 at Turiff Lodge Homestead, Hobart, Van Diemen's Land, Australia. She died on 12 February 1879 at Tasmania, Australia, at age 83 Elisabeth death notice in the Mercury Newspaper Thursday morning 13th February 1879 reads:

“Cracknell - on February 12 at No 2 Campbell Street, Elisabeth, relict of the late Joseph Cracknell, late of the 48 Regiment, after along and painful illness, aged 84. She was buried circa 15 February 1879.


Joseph Cracklin b. 1793, d. c 24 Nov 1832

Elizabeth Bailey1

F, b. 1816, d. 1898
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     Her married name was Blackwell. Elizabeth Bailey was born in 1816 at Kent, England.1 She married Samuel Blackwell in 1842 at Van Diemen's Land, Australia. Elizabeth Bailey died in 1898 at Green Ponds, Tasmania, Australia.1


Samuel Blackwell b. 1813


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Elwood Bailey

M, d. between 1879 and 1950
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     Elwood Bailey was born. He married Ella Lydia Cartland, daughter of Cyrus Cartland and Phoebe Rogers Jones, between 1875 and 1908. Elwood Bailey died between 1879 and 1950.


Ella Lydia Cartland b. 1 Jun 1861, d. bt 1879 - 1955

Esma Rose Bailey

F, b. 1913, d. 7 August 1987
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     Her married name was Rolton. Esma Rose Bailey was born in 1913. She died on 7 August 1987.

Ethel May Bailey

F, b. 24 September 1896
MotherCaroline Rosevear Vincent b. 17 Jun 1862, d. 30 Sep 1924
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     Ethel May Bailey was born on 24 September 1896 at Cameron Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Eva Matilda Bailey1

F, b. 1874, d. 1940
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     Her married name was Hugo. Eva Matilda Bailey was also known as Adah Proverbs Eva Hugo Bailey. She was born in 1874. She married Travanion Hugo, son of Edwin Nicholas Hugo and Maria Boundry, in 1894 at Tasmania, Australia. Eva Matilda Bailey died in 1940.


Travanion Hugo b. 1874


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Eva Maude Bailey

F, b. 1903, d. 1987
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     Her married name was Bidewell. Eva Maude Bailey was born in 1903 at Colkirk, Norfolk, England. She married Robert James Bidewell, son of Robert James Bidewell and Jane Wright, in 1923 at Sparham, Norwich, Norfolk, England. Eva Maude Bailey died in 1987 at North Elham, Norfolk, England.


Robert James Bidewell b. 1904, d. 1984

Fanny Theodore Bailey

F, b. circa 1867
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     Her married name was Oldmeadow. Fanny Theodore Bailey was born circa 1867. She married Charles Kenric Oldmeadow, son of John Henry Peacock Oldmeadow and Emily Ellen Ann Fisher, on 1 June 1892 at St David's Cathedral, 125 Macquarie Street, Tasmania, Australia.


Charles Kenric Oldmeadow b. c 1867, d. 23 Aug 1930

Gladys Mary Bailey

F, b. 7 September 1911, d. 15 June 1974
FatherWalter Albert Bailey b. 1881, d. 11 Oct 1955
MotherEdith Maude Dent b. 1880, d. 10 Nov 1916
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     Her married name was Ingles. Gladys Mary Bailey was also known as Pat Bailey. She was born on 7 September 1911 at Portland, Victoria, Australia. She married James Charles Ingles in 1928 at Portland, Victoria, Australia. Gladys Mary Bailey died on 15 June 1974 at Geelong, Victoria, Australia, at age 62.


James Charles Ingles b. 27 Sep 1907, d. 5 Aug 1993