James Bardell

M, b. between 1722 and 1751, d. between 1776 and 1836
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     James Bardell was born between 1722 and 1751. He married an unknown person between 1746 and 1793. He died between 1776 and 1836.



Mary Barden

F, d. 1885
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     Her married name was Briggs. Mary Barden was also known as Maiden name Le Grande Barden. She married Convict Christopher Briggs, son of Thomas Briggs and Mary Ann Brown, on 14 October 1874 at Blackman's Bay, Tasmania, Australia. Mary Barden died in 1885.


Convict Christopher Briggs b. 25 Dec 1801, d. 7 Jan 1885

Ann Barker

F, b. 1738
FatherJohn Barker b. 1718
MotherSusannah (?) b. 1717
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     Her married name was Briers. Ann Barker was born in 1738 at Arnesby, Leicestershire, England. She married Robert Briers, son of Thomas Briers and Mary (?), on 6 July 1761.


Robert Briers b. 1737, d. 1770

Elsie Maria Barker

F, b. 24 February 1892
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     Elsie Maria Barker was also known as Elsie Maria Bonney. She married Victor Thomas Bonney, son of Arthur Thomas Bonney and Victoria Westcombe. Elsie Maria Barker was born on 24 February 1892.


Victor Thomas Bonney b. 10 Sep 1890, d. 28 Aug 1963

Esther Camden Barker

F, b. 1852
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     Her married name was Bushell. Esther Camden Barker married William Thomas Bushell, son of Henry Bushell and Sarah Ann Arter. Esther Camden Barker was born in 1852 at Farndon, Nottinghamshire, England.

Francis William Barker

M, b. 30 March 1891
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     Francis William Barker was born on 30 March 1891 at Tasmania, Australia. He married Beulah Maria Elizabeth Preece, daughter of William Preece and Catherine Edith Selina Spencer, in 1915 at Tasmania, Australia.


Beulah Maria Elizabeth Preece b. 12 Dec 1892, d. 7 Jul 1969

Isabell Lenore Barker

F, d. before 1963
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     Her married name was Hodgetts. Isabell Lenore Barker married Allan Thomas Hodgetts, son of Thomas Hodgetts and Frances Agnes Lee, in 1910. Isabell Lenore Barker died before 1963.


Allan Thomas Hodgetts b. 9 Sep 1886, d. 30 Jul 1963

John Barker

M, b. 1718
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     John Barker married Susannah (?) John Barker was born in 1718 at Leicestershire, England.


Susannah (?) b. 1717