William Hodgson1

M, b. 2 December 1870, d. 30 July 1962
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     William Hodgson was born on 2 December 1870.2 He married Harriet Newitt, daughter of Ephraim Newitt and Susanna Tidswell, on 29 January 1901 at Tasmania, Australia.2 William Hodgson died on 30 July 1962 at age 91.2


Harriet Newitt b. 15 Sep 1859, d. 11 Jul 1919


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William J. Hodgson

M, b. circa 1875
MotherSarah Ann Collier b. c 1853
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     William J. Hodgson was born circa 1875 at Chelwall, Staffordshire, England.

Selwyn Benjamin Hodson

M, b. 5 April 1904
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     Selwyn Benjamin Hodson was born on 5 April 1904. He married Edna Maybelle Mascotte Jarrett, daughter of Alfred Charles Septimus Jarrett and Evelyn Celeste Rosher Ward, on 22 January 1937 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Edna Maybelle Mascotte Jarrett b. 17 Jul 1907, d. 5 Nov 1988

Catherine Theresa Hogan

F, b. 1865, d. 1959
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     Her married name was Hovey. Catherine Theresa Hogan was born in 1865 at Dunolly, Victoria, Australia. She married Thomas Hovey, son of James Hovey and Caroline Lucas, in 1892 at Victoria, Australia. Catherine Theresa Hogan died in 1959 at Footscray, Victoria, Australia.


Thomas Hovey b. 1868, d. 1945

Eva May Hogan1

F, b. 1899, d. 4 June 1932
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     Her married name was Robertson. Eva May Hogan was born in 1899. She married Richard James Robertson, son of Richard Alexander Robertson and Alice Louisa Mary Milburn, on 4 July 1919 at The Deanery, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Eva May Hogan died on 4 June 1932 at Tasmania, Australia. She was buried on 5 June 1932 at Cornelian Bay Cemetery and Crematorium, Tasmania, Australia.


Richard James Robertson b. 2 Feb 1895, d. 4 Jun 1956


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Mary Ann Hogan1

F, b. 1877
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     Her married name was Bates. Mary Ann Hogan was born in 1877 at Umbella, India. She married Thomas Bates, son of Joseph Bates and Rose Ann Monaghan, in 1899 at Tasmania, Australia.


Thomas Bates b. 1869


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Charles Hogg

M, d. April 1947
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     Charles Hogg married Emma Myra Thurman, daughter of Arthur Joseph Thurman and Elizaberth Sarah Izzard. Charles Hogg died in April 1947 at New South Wales, Australia. He was buried on 28 April 1947 at Rookwood Cemetery, Rookwood, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Emma Myra Thurman b. 23 May 1889

Mary Hogg

F, b. 1745, d. 19 December 1787
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     Her married name was Riches. Mary Hogg was born in 1745. She married William Riches, son of William Riches and Phillippa Phillis, between 1757 and 1780. Mary Hogg died on 19 December 1787 at Harling, Norfolk, England.


William Riches b. 1730, d. 12 Dec 1794

Hazel Ralston Hoggan

F, d. 3 February 1973
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     Her married name was Wright. Hazel Ralston Hoggan married Edward Miles Wright, son of Frederick John Wright and Trevena Victoria Riley, on 27 September 1940. Hazel Ralston Hoggan died on 3 February 1973.


Edward Miles Wright b. 9 Jan 1912, d. 22 Oct 1997

Ann Holbrooks1

F, b. circa 1840
Last Edited20 Apr 2009
     Her married name was Collier.2 Ann Holbrooks was born circa 1840 at Fair Oaks, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, England.1 She was born in 1842 at Fair Oaks, Staffordshire, England.2 She married Joseph Collier, son of William Collier and Sarah Anne Hodgkinson, on 5 November 1860 at St Pauls, Croxton, Staffordshire, England. Ann Holbrooks lived in 1881 at Stapenhill, Derbyshire, England.2 She lived in 1901 at Standon, Staffordshire, England.1


Joseph Collier b. 1837


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