Susanne Mitchell

F, b. 13 August 1948, d. 21 October 1948
FatherGeorge Henry Mitchell b. 21 Oct 1923, d. 25 Jul 1998
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     Susanne Mitchell (an unknown value.) She was born on 13 August 1948 at Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. She died on 21 October 1948 at Portland, Victoria, Australia, Victorian BDM Death Index 1921 - 1985 Death Registration No 23305
Susanne Mitchell Infant.

Augustus Victor Mitchley

M, b. 1904, d. 1991
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     Augustus Victor Mitchley married Clarissa Mary Salmon, daughter of Thomas Henry Salmon and Clara Hammill. Augustus Victor Mitchley was born in 1904. He died in 1991.


Clarissa Mary Salmon b. 1899

Matthew Mocklar

M, b. 1780, d. 5 November 1822
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     Matthew Mocklar It is believed Matthew was born in Tipperary, Ireland. He was serving with the 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion when he transferred to the New South Wales Corps on 25th November 1806, Arriving in Sydney in 1808 on board the 'Recovery', he was promoted to corporal before the New South Wales Corps was redesignated the 102nd Regiment of Foot so that they could be returned to England because of their involvement in the 'Rum Rebellion' and removal of Governor Bligh from office.
Governor Macquarie allowed those members of the 102nd who wished to stay in Australia the opportunity to join the 73rd Regiment of Foot if under the age of 35 , or to transfer the, to be formed, Invalid Company if older. Matthew joined this company. On 25th April1810 this company officially became the Veteran Company of New South Wales with detachments stationed at Botany, Liverpool, Emu Plains and South Head,with the main party at Windsor. Matthew was stationed at Windsor.

Matthew is noted as 'Corporal Matthew Mocklar' when he married Johanna. He had productive farms and was very active in real estate.These transactions a rerecorded:

Real Estate: 23rd June 1813; Transfer between Matthew Moclar,Soldier of one part and George Cox, Settler, the other part, for the sum of 30pounds One hundred acres of land known by 'Brabin's Farm' South Creek,in the presence of George Bowman.

Corporal Matthew Mocklar, 1815; House in Windsor, N.S.W. to be taken down to make room for a new street. Order by Governor Macquarie for payment of 10 pounds t o Matthhew Mocklar. purchased by the Governor 18 Sept. 1815.

Sale, Matthew Mocklar of Parramatta; Sold to Sam Larkin, 9th January1818 by Mat thew Mocklar of Parramatta for 6 pounds did makeover all that allotmant of grou nd to Sam Larkin.
Land originally granted to Patrick Gary, bounded on to Robert Alcock'sand on the other Ambrose Burnsie's and being 80 feet infront.
Witnessed by D. I. Roberts, 10 O'clock, 26th day of March 1818

Matthew Muckle-Mocklar; Indenture of assignment being dated 17th day of March 18 20 between Matthew Mocklar of Parramatta and Carter, soldlandand premises in George St., Parramatta. Witnessed by Mr.Fleming, Reg.10 O'clock, 7th April 1820

It appears Matthew Assisted in the building of the first road across the Blue Mountains

Sydney Gazette, 24th June 1815; Extract - Government and Public Notice:
'... whereas His Excellency the Governer-in-Chief had been pleased to grant to several persons undernamed, a proportion of hornedcattle,as a donation for thei r services in constructing a road across the blue Mountains in the new discovered country ... to MatthewMocklar(and others) ...'

Indenture, 1st April 1820; Between John Delany of Castle Hilland Matthew Mockl ar of Parramatta, 50 acres of land granted to John Delany, sold to Matthew Mockl ar. Registered 11 O'clock, 17th June 1820

Gazette, Friday 11th January 1822; Land to be let or sold.Fifty acre Farm. Betw een Pennant Hills and Castle Hill, 33 acres of which are clear and fenced in . A good dwelling-house. Barn and paddocks areerected theron and the situation possesses the advantage of anexcellent run of water.
One fourth of the purchase-money in the event of the farm being disposed of will be required down and nine months credit will be given forthe residue.
For further particulars apply to Matthew Mocklar at Windsor or Wm.Carter, Parra matta.

There is something strange about the dates here , The extract of Inquest gives Monday 1st November 1822, The 1st November 1822 fell on a Friday.
Matthew fell from a cart outside Vineger Hill on a Monday which would have been the 4th November 1822, as the inquest into hisdeathwas supposedly dated 6t h November.
Matthew had been working in Windsor and was on a six day pass givenby Captain John Bralyn of the Veteran Company, N.S.W. Corps.
He obtained a lift with John Dunn, a carter, around 10 O'clock at the Windsor To ll Gate. Before leaving he had a half pint of ale,attheToll Bar at Vinegar Hil l he had a gill (quarter pint) of spirits,further on they stopped at Hugh Kelly 's place where Matthew had a further quantity of spirits. Sometime later Mr. Dun n looked back and saw Matthew lying on the ground. on returning he found him insensiblewith blood flowing from the back of his head. He tied Matthew to the ca t with a spare set of reins and continued to the Parramatta Toll Bar, The gate m an knew where Matthew lived and directed him there where he left Matthew a neighbour. Matthew died on 5th November 1822. John Eyre , the Coroner,listed 'Death by fall and being greatly intoxicated'

Matthew is buried at St John's Cemetery, Parramatta. The inscription reads: 'Sacred to the memory of MATw MOCKLAR who died Nov.5th 1822 aged 42 years.' He married Johannah Wilkinson. Matthew Mocklar was born in 1780. He died on 5 November 1822 at Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.


Johannah Wilkinson b. 27 Mar 1801, d. 23 Jun 1872

Ada May Mohr

F, b. 5 September 1878
FatherPhilip Conrad Mohr b. 30 Jun 1824, d. 29 Sep 1905
MotherCatherine Elizibeth Laut b. 27 Oct 1831, d. 7 Sep 1914
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     Ada May Mohr was born on 5 September 1878.1


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Annie Mohr

F, b. 10 November 1867
FatherPhilip Conrad Mohr b. 30 Jun 1824, d. 29 Sep 1905
MotherCatherine Elizibeth Laut b. 27 Oct 1831, d. 7 Sep 1914
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     Annie Mohr was buried at Longford General Cemetery, Cressy Road, Longford, Tasmania, Australia. She was born on 10 November 1867.

Archie Mohr

FatherHenry Mohr b. 21 Nov 1858, d. 14 May 1941
MotherRosine Sophia Philips d. 29 Apr 1952
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Arthur Owen Mohr

M, b. 21 February 1889, d. 1954
FatherCharles Phillip Mohr b. 18 Aug 1854
MotherAnnie Jane Owen b. 1854
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     Arthur Owen Mohr was born on 21 February 1889 at Tasmania, Australia. He died in 1954 at South Australia, Australia.