Annie Jane Owen

F, b. 1854
Last Edited22 Apr 2009
     Annie Jane Owen was buried at Longford General Cemetery, Cressy Road, Longford, Tasmania, Australia. Her married name was Mohr. She was born in 1854.1 She married Charles Phillip Mohr, son of Philip Conrad Mohr and Catherine Elizibeth Laut, on 4 April 1885 at Tasmania, Australia; Marriage was registered at Longford, Tasmania, Australia.


Charles Phillip Mohr b. 18 Aug 1854


  1. [S205] Website: Archives Office of Tasmania.

Corbetta Owen

F, b. circa 1757
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     Corbetta Owen married Joseph Lord. Her married name was Lord. Corbetta Owen was born circa 1757 at Westbourne Terrace, London, England.


Joseph Lord b. c 1753

Eric Pearson Owen

M, b. 26 April, d. 19 July 1973
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     Eric Pearson Owen married Jacqueline Mary Cracknell, daughter of George Cracknell and Kathleen Mary Vout. Eric Pearson Owen was born on 26 April at England. He died on 19 July 1973 at Tasmania, Australia.


Jacqueline Mary Cracknell b. 12 Sep 1931, d. 14 Aug 2006

Margaret Owen

F, b. 17 January 1749
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     Margaret Owen married Richard Bond, son of Thomas Bond and Mary Brown. Her married name was Bond. Margaret Owen was born on 17 January 1749 at Basing, Hampshire, England. She was baptized on 21 February 1749 at Kingsclere, Hampshire, England.


Richard Bond b. 20 Feb 1738, d. 1824

Sarah Anne Owen

F, b. circa 1838, d. 23 March 1907
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     Sarah Anne Owen married Mark Marks. Her married name was Marks. Sarah Anne Owen was born circa 1838. She died on 23 March 1907 at Geelong, Victoria, Australia. She was buried on 27 March 1907 at Colac, Victoria, Australia.


Mark Marks b. c 1837, d. 12 Oct 1896

Sophia Owen

F, b. between 1765 and 1790, d. between 1813 and 1879
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     Her married name was Turner. Sophia Owen was born between 1765 and 1790. She married Samuel Turner in 1805 at St. George Colgate, Norwich, Norfolk, England. Sophia Owen died between 1813 and 1879.


Samuel Turner b. bt 1757 - 1787, d. bt 1813 - 1873