Mary Rand

F, b. between 1638 and 1664, d. between 1694 and 1753
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     Her married name was Burchsted. Her married name was Kirtland. Mary Rand was born between 1638 and 1664. She married Nathaniel Kirtland, son of Nathaniel Kirtland and Parnell m Kirtland, on 20 January 1675. Mary Rand married John Henry Burchsted on 24 April 1690 The second husband of Mary after death of Nathaniel Kirtland. He is variously described as from Lynn and a German physician. Mary Rand died between 1694 and 1753.

Family 1

Nathaniel Kirtland b. c 1656, d. bt 1691 - 1747

Family 2

John Henry Burchsted b. bt 1638 - 1670, d. bt 1695 - 1757

John Randall

M, b. 1720
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     John Randall was born in 1720. He married Mary Rough on 26 May 1735 at St. Stephen's Church, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England.


Mary Rough b. 16 May 1722

Maria Randall

F, b. 1817
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     Maria Randall married Joseph Pritchett, son of George Pritchett, at Unknown. Maria Randall was born in 1817.


Joseph Pritchett d. 1875

Sarah Randall

F, b. 27 September 1761
FatherThomas Randall b. 16 Oct 1745
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     Sarah Randall married John Beecroft, son of John Bacroft and Rebecca Hobbs. Her married name was Beecroft. Sarah Randall was born on 27 September 1761 at All Saints and St John, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England.


John Beecroft b. 17 Mar 1771

Thomas Randall

M, b. 16 October 1745
FatherJohn Randall b. 1720
MotherMary Rough b. 16 May 1722
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     Thomas Randall was baptized on 16 October 1745 at All Saints and St John, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England.