Eunice Hacker Rich

F, b. between 1812 and 1836, d. between 1857 and 1925
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     Her married name was Cartland. Eunice Hacker Rich was born between 1812 and 1836. She married Isiah Cartland, son of Charles Cartland and Marian Robinson, on 24 August 1852. Eunice Hacker Rich died between 1857 and 1925.


Isiah Cartland b. 9 Sep 1829, d. 12 Jan 1895

Alice Matilda Richards

F, b. 22 June 1864, d. 31 August 1943
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     Her married name was Cocker. Alice Matilda Richards was born on 22 June 1864 at Tasmania, Australia. She married James Cocker, son of Convict John Cocker and Sarah Elizabeth Briggs, on 29 August 1883 at Tasmania, Australia. Alice Matilda Richards died on 31 August 1943 at St Marys, Tasmania, Australia, at age 79.


James Cocker b. 19 Nov 1863, d. 7 Apr 1955

Emma Richards

F, b. 1823
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     Emma Richards married Samuel Pritchett, son of George Pritchett, at Unknown. Emma Richards was born in 1823.


Samuel Pritchett d. 1900

Joseph William Richards

M, b. 18 October 1862
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     Joseph William Richards was born on 18 October 1862 at Westbury, Tasmania, Australia. He married Eliza Amelia Wise, daughter of Robert Wise and Mary Ann Lucas, on 26 December 1882 at Perth, Tasmania, Australia.


Eliza Amelia Wise b. 20 Aug 1860

Mary A Richards

F, b. circa 1836
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     Her married name was Sansom. Mary A Richards married William D Sansom, son of William Sansom and Mary Nichols. Mary A Richards was born circa 1836.


William D Sansom b. 24 Sep 1836, d. 26 May 1896

Susannah Finch Richards

F, b. 10 January 1813, d. 10 September 1889
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     Susannah Finch Richards was buried. She lived. Her married name was Neal. She was born on 10 January 1813 at Wiltshire, England. She married Convict James Neal, son of William Neal and Sarah Rice, on 28 May 1833 at Van Diemen's Land, Australia. Susannah Finch Richards died on 10 September 1889 at age 76.


Convict James Neal b. 1800, d. 17 Mar 1872


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Ada Alice Richardson

F, b. circa 1861, d. 1 November 1944
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     Ada Alice Richardson was buried at Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia. Her married name was Vincent. She was born circa 1861. She married Edward Thomas Vincent, son of George Rivers Vincent and Mary Rosevear, on 1 December 1880 at Congregationalist, Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia. Ada Alice Richardson died on 1 November 1944.


Edward Thomas Vincent b. 31 Jul 1858, d. 25 Jan 1927


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Beatrice May Richardson

F, b. 1883
FatherDavid Richardson b. c 1847, d. 12 Dec 1933
MotherSusan McAlpine Woolley b. 27 Mar 1860, d. 14 Apr 1902
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     Beatrice May Richardson was born in 1883 at New South Wales, Australia.

Charles Richardson

M, b. 11 July 1834, d. 18 June 1904
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     Charles Richardson was born on 11 July 1834 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia. He married Angelina Tidswell, daughter of Convict James Tidswell and Elizabeth Wiggins, in 1855 at Tasmania, Australia. Charles Richardson died on 18 June 1904 at Copping, Tasmania, Australia, at age 69.


Angelina Tidswell b. 20 Sep 1837, d. 21 Jul 1907

Daphne Richardson

F, b. 25 July 1895, d. 30 September 1969
FatherJames Arthur Edwin Richardson b. 19 Nov 1865
MotherHarriet Sarah Helen Lewis b. 4 Apr 1877, d. 31 Oct 1918
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     Daphne Richardson was Seamstress. Daphne Richardson was also known as Daphne Mills. She was born on 25 July 1895. She married Edward Arthur Mills on 3 July 1912 at Tasmania, Australia. Daphne Richardson Daphne's parents were living in Hamden Road Battery Point when she was born. In 1918 they were at 13 Wellington Cres. Battery Point.

In 1921 Daphne was living in Collingwood, Victoria, where her daughter Gloria was born. In 1946 she was living at Clarence StBrunswick. Shewas a widow at this time.

When Daphne was diagnosed with diabetes she went to live with her daughter Muriel. in 1918. She died on 30 September 1969 at Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia, at age 74 as a result of Diabetes. She was buried circa 3 October 1969 at Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park, Victoria, Australia, 4th Ave. North Side Boundary Road.


Edward Arthur Mills b. 25 Sep 1893, d. 18 Aug 1968

David Richardson

M, b. circa 1847, d. 12 December 1933
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     David Richardson was born circa 1847 at Dover, Kent, England. He married Susan McAlpine Woolley, daughter of Jacob Woolley and Margaret Stewart, on 5 December 1878 at Wyrallah, New South Wales, Australia. David Richardson died on 12 December 1933 at Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.


Susan McAlpine Woolley b. 27 Mar 1860, d. 14 Apr 1902

Edith May Richardson

F, b. 7 September 1876
FatherHenry Richardson b. 30 Oct 1835, d. 22 Oct 1915
MotherSarah Margaret Spaulding b. 22 Jul 1841, d. 29 Sep 1900
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     Her married name was Morrisby. Edith May Richardson was born on 7 September 1876 at Ralphs Bay, Tasmania, Australia. She married Claude Winspear Morrisby, son of George James Morrisby and Hannah Winspear, on 9 January 1910.


Claude Winspear Morrisby b. 16 Apr 1878, d. Feb 1953