(?) Sarah

F, b. 1800, d. between 1828 and 1894
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     Her married name was Sarah m Horton. (?) Sarah was born in 1800. She married William Henry Horton in 1822. (?) Sarah died between 1828 and 1894.


William Henry Horton b. 1800, d. bt 1828 - 1891

Thurza Sarah Daniels

F, b. 1843
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     Her married name was Felmingham. Thurza Sarah Daniels was born in 1843. She married William Felmingham, son of William Felmingham and Mary McCall, in 1871 at Tasmania, Australia.


William Felmingham b. 1842

Mary Sargeant

F, d. 1773
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     Her married name was Bladon. Mary Sargeant married Thomas Bladon, son of Edward Bladon and Elizabeth Keeling, on 24 July 1766 at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England. Mary Sargeant died in 1773. She was buried on 24 August 1773 at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England.


Thomas Bladon b. 1732, d. 30 Mar 1819

Lorna Harriette Sargison1

F, b. 1880
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     Her married name was Lucas. Lorna Harriette Sargison was born in 1880 at Esperance, Tasmania, Australia. She married Robert Edwin Lucas, son of Walter Charles Lucas and Elizabeth Sproule, in 1897 at Franklin, Tasmania, Australia.


Robert Edwin Lucas b. 1876


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Keith Douglas Sartain

M, b. 24 June 1914, d. 7 March 1975
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     Keith Douglas Sartain was born on 24 June 1914 at Coleraine, Victoria, Australia. He died on 7 March 1975 at Portland, Victoria, Australia, at age 60.

Lisa Carolyn Sattler

F, b. 1980, d. 1998
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     Lisa Carolyn Sattler was born in 1980 at New South Wales, Australia. She died in 1998 at New South Wales, Australia.

Andrew Saunders

M, b. 1856
FatherJohn Saunders b. 1830
MotherEllen Butlin b. 1830
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     Andrew Saunders married Mary Statham, daughter of Thomas Statham and Elizabeth (?), at Unknown. Andrew Saunders was born in 1856.


Mary Statham b. 1862

Doris Saunders

F, b. 1900
FatherAndrew Saunders b. 1856
MotherMary Statham b. 1862
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     Doris Saunders was born in 1900.