Charles Smith

M, b. 1894
MotherVeronica Sobe Graham b. 1871, d. 15 Jan 1921
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     Charles Smith was born in 1894 at Inverell, New South Wales, Australia.

Charles Arthur Smith

M, b. 18 September 1875
MotherSusan Vincent b. 23 Apr 1849
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     Charles Arthur Smith was born on 18 September 1875 at Barrington, Tasmania, Australia.

Charles John Smith

M, b. 21 February 1882, d. 1963
FatherAlfred Charles Smith b. 5 Oct 1851, d. 6 Jan 1926
MotherMary Maria Hodgetts b. 6 Jun 1855, d. 3 Sep 1934
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     Charles John Smith was born on 21 February 1882 at Blackwood Creek, Tasmania, Australia. He died in 1963 at Portland, Victoria, Australia.

Cyril Norman Smith

M, b. March 1923, d. 11 March 1958
FatherNorman Charles Smith b. 12 Mar 1898, d. 30 Nov 1961
MotherEdna Annie Sturzaker b. Jul 1908, d. 8 Oct 1968
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     Cyril Norman Smith was born in March 1923 at Rosevale, Tasmania, Australia. He died on 11 March 1958 at Frankford, Tasmania, Australia. He was buried circa 14 March 1958 at Frankford, Tasmania, Australia.

Doris Smith

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     Doris Smith married George Harfield Rees, son of William Rees and Martha Tapp, at Tasmania, Australia. Her married name was Rees.


George Harfield Rees b. 1895

Edith Smith

F, b. 28 September 1894
FatherWilliam Smith b. 7 Feb 1862
MotherJane Saltmarsh b. 19 Feb 1860
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     Edith Smith was also known as Edith Daisy Smith. She was born on 28 September 1894 at Tasmania, Australia.

Edith Maude Smith

F, b. 14 March 1885, d. 25 August 1937
FatherJobe Simeon Smith b. 27 May 1854, d. 9 Jun 1940
MotherEmma Lavina Roy b. 18 Mar 1865, d. 24 Jan 1944
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     Her married name was Guy. Edith Maude Smith was born on 14 March 1885 at Lochaber West, Quebec, Canada. She married Howard Lacy Guy on 3 March 1909. Edith Maude Smith died on 25 August 1937 at USA at age 52.


Howard Lacy Guy b. 20 May 1886, d. 21 Feb 1950

Edna Alice Smith

F, b. 5 October 1905, d. 23 February 1997
FatherJames Smith b. 13 Dec 1862, d. 24 Jan 1921
MotherAlberta Rose Hodgetts b. 21 Aug 1867, d. 13 Jan 1913
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     Her married name was Arnold. Edna Alice Smith was born on 5 October 1905 at Rosevale, Tasmania, Australia. She married Arthur Harold Arnold, son of Jeremiah Arnold and Belinda Grace Hodgetts, in June 1926 at Hagley, Tasmania, Australia. Edna Alice Smith died on 23 February 1997 at Tasmania, Australia, at age 91. She was buried circa 25 February 1997 at Carr Villa Cemetery and Crematorium, Nunamina Avenue, Tasmania, Australia.


Arthur Harold Arnold b. 18 Oct 1893, d. 24 Apr 1982

Edward Smith

M, b. 1849, d. 1930
FatherJoseph Smith b. 1822
MotherMary Ann Freeman b. 1827
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     Edward Smith was born in 1849 at Sevenoaks, Kent, England. He died in 1930 at Canada.


Sarah Hughes b. 1849, d. 1921

Edward Smith

M, b. between 1723 and 1764, d. between 1763 and 1845
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     Edward Smith was born between 1723 and 1764. He married Suzanne Bateman between 1748 and 1801. Edward Smith died between 1763 and 1845.


Suzanne Bateman b. bt 1729 - 1767, d. bt 1763 - 1851

Edward Charles Smith

M, b. 1872
MotherFanny Cochrane d. 1905
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     Edward Charles Smith was born in 1872.

Elizabeth Smith

F, b. 1824, d. 18 June 1900
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     Elizabeth Smith married Convict Henry William Collier, son of Thomas Collier and Elizabeth Baxter, Believed not to have married. Her married name was Smith. Elizabeth Smith was Nurse. Her married name was Watson.1 Elizabeth Smith was also known as Elizabeth Collier. Her married name was Eaton. She married John Eaton, son of Rebecca Eaton. Elizabeth Smith was born in 1824 at Norwich, Norfolk, England. She married John Watson in 1859 at Franklin, Tasmania, Australia.1 Elizabeth Smith was buried on 18 June 1900 at Woodbridge Cemetery, Plot 53, Woodbridge, Tasmania, Australia, Dates on headstone (21/6/1901) wrong. She died on 18 June 1900 at Birches Bay, Tasmania, Australia, Cause of death is recorded as: Old age and general dibility.

John Jameson was the Registrar General at the time.

The informant of her death is listed as, George Price, Son-In-Law, Birches Bay.

Record of death 0327/1900
No. 356.

Family 1

Convict Henry William Collier b. c 1821

Family 2

John Watson b. 1823, d. 4 Nov 1883

Family 3

John Eaton b. 1854


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