Minnie Evelyn Smith

F, b. 27 June 1868, d. 22 March 1948
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     Her married name was Woolley. Minnie Evelyn Smith was born on 27 June 1868. She married William Ephram Woolley, son of George Woolley and Harriet Newitt, on 6 March 1890 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia. Minnie Evelyn Smith died on 22 March 1948 at age 79.


William Ephram Woolley b. 14 Aug 1865, d. 9 Jul 1932

Nora May Smith

F, b. 1900, d. 4 May 1964
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     Her married name was Bethell. Nora May Smith was born in 1900. She married Eric Sydney Bethell, son of Michael John Bethell and Edith Mary Elizabeth Torley, before 1925 at Tasmania, Australia. Nora May Smith died on 4 May 1964 at Yallourn, Victoria, Australia. She was buried on 6 May 1964 at Springvale, Victoria, Australia.


Eric Sydney Bethell b. 1902, d. 26 Dec 1955

Norman Charles Smith

M, b. 12 March 1898, d. 30 November 1961
FatherJames Smith b. 13 Dec 1862, d. 24 Jan 1921
MotherAlberta Rose Hodgetts b. 21 Aug 1867, d. 13 Jan 1913
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     Norman Charles Smith was born on 12 March 1898 at Rosevale, Tasmania, Australia. He married Edna Annie Sturzaker circa 1922 at Rosevale, Tasmania, Australia. Norman Charles Smith died on 30 November 1961 at Birralee, Tasmania, Australia, at age 63. He was buried in December 1961 at Frankford, Tasmania, Australia.


Edna Annie Sturzaker b. Jul 1908, d. 8 Oct 1968

Norman Henry Smith

M, b. 1 November 1918, d. August 1994
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     Norman Henry Smith was born on 1 November 1918. He died in August 1994 at age 75.

Olive May Smith

F, b. 29 December 1888, d. 14 January 1889
MotherSusan Vincent b. 23 Apr 1849
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     Olive May Smith was born on 29 December 1888 at Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia. She died on 14 January 1889.

Oliver Edgar Smith

M, b. 1901, d. circa 1954
FatherJames Smith b. 13 Dec 1862, d. 24 Jan 1921
MotherAlberta Rose Hodgetts b. 21 Aug 1867, d. 13 Jan 1913
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     Oliver Edgar Smith was born in 1901 at Rosevale, Tasmania, Australia. He died circa 1954 at New Zealand.

Oswald A Smith

M, b. 1896
MotherSusan Rivers Nichols b. 9 Jul 1861, d. 8 Aug 1907
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     Oswald A Smith was born in 1896.

Oswald Alfred Smith

M, b. 1 August 1897, d. 24 May 1969
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     Oswald Alfred Smith Irene's uncle, came to Canada in 1911 at the age of 14. Became a
successful printer founding Oswald Smith printing in 1929. In 1952 he
became involved in real estate. Pres. of Vancouver Bible Institute,
member of Gideons, Christian Bus. Men etc. Had eight brothers. He was born on 1 August 1897 at Bristol, Bristol, England. He married Violet E. Spain, daughter of Edward Spain and Julia Caroline Horton, on 17 August 1921 at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Oswald Alfred Smith died on 24 May 1969 at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at age 71.


Violet E. Spain b. 25 Oct 1898, d. 5 Jun 1987

Paul Smith

M, b. 2 August 1967, d. 4 August 1967
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     Paul Smith was born on 2 August 1967. He died on 4 August 1967.

Rachel Elizabeth Collier- Smith1

F, b. 16 October 1850, d. 23 November 1928
FatherConvict Henry William Collier b. c 1821
MotherElizabeth Smith b. 1824, d. 18 Jun 1900
ChartsDescendants of George Price - 1807
Last Edited30 Jan 2019
     Rachel Elizabeth Collier- Smith Very little is known of Rachel. It is believed she was well educated and enjoyed writing poetry.

The information concerning Rachel is quite confusing. Birth registration records state a female child was born to Henry Collier and Elizabeth Smith at Hobart on the 25 August 1850. This can only be Rachel.

Tasmanian Pioneers data Base has Rachael Collier Smith as a child of Henry Smith and Elizabeth, (Unknown surname).
If Elizabeth (Unknown surname) took up with Collier after Henry Smith then how is it that Rachel is recorded as Rachel Collier Smith. Could this be because Collier and Smith (Unknown surname) never married.

Rachael's mother (Elizabeth (Unknown surname)) was aboriginal.

Baptismal records show that Rachel Elizabeth Smith (Collier) was born on 25 August 1850 at Town Huon and baptized at Hobart Town on 16 October 1850. Her parents were described as Henry Smith, Mariner,and Elizabeth (Unknown surname).

There are no archival records of her marriage to George James Price.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Independent Indigenous Advisory Committee findings 18 October 2002.

The Tribunal is satisfied that the oral histories which have come from three separate sources in this case, namely, Mr. Priest, Mr. Brown and Mr. Patmore, each of whom identify a different granddaughter of Rachel Collier as being aboriginal, is so persuasive that it would be difficult not to find that Rachel Collier was an aboriginal. When it is also considered that Rachel Collier was baptized with a surname different to her parents it is possible to deduce that under the circumstances which existed in Tasmania in 1850, Rachel was an aboriginal baby who was 'adopted' by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Her married name was Price. She was born on 25 August 1850 at Van Diemen's Land, Australia. She was baptized on 16 October 1850 at St. David's Cathedral, 125 Macquarie Street, Hobart, Van Diemen's Land, Australia. She married George James Price, son of George Price and Convict Elizabeth Lomas, on 21 March 1866 at In the Public School Room, Woodbridge, Tasmania, Australia. Rachel Elizabeth Collier- Smith died on 23 November 1928 at at her residence, 307 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, at age 78.2 She was buried on 25 November 1928 at Woodbridge Cemetery, Plot 53, Woodbridge, Tasmania, Australia, She is buried with her husband.


George James Price b. 19 Oct 1844, d. 6 Dec 1932


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Raymond Smith

M, d. before 1953
Last Edited2 May 2009
     Raymond Smith married Maria Mary Spencer, daughter of William Thomas Spencer and Ellen Mary Hodgetts. Raymond Smith died before 1953.


Maria Mary Spencer b. 1901, d. 8 Aug 1932

Raymond Stanley Smith

M, d. 13 August 1995
Last Edited9 Mar 2009
     Raymond Stanley Smith married Mildred Blanche Cracknell, daughter of John Cracknell and Isabel Maud Carter, in April 1991. Raymond Stanley Smith died on 13 August 1995.


Mildred Blanche Cracknell b. 21 Jan 1912, d. 15 Dec 2005

Richard Robert Smith

M, b. 6 September 1886, d. 3 August 1946
FatherJames Smith b. 1820
Last Edited31 Aug 2014
     Richard Robert Smith married Esther Robertson, daughter of Alexander Robertson and Margaret Agnes Crosby, in 1886. Richard Robert Smith was born on 6 September 1886. He died on 3 August 1946 at age 59.


Esther Robertson b. 15 Apr 1865, d. 3 Aug 1946