James Orton Webster

M, b. 1877, d. after 1930
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     James Orton Webster (an unknown value.) He was born in 1877 at Midlothian, Scotland. He married Johanna Smith in 1897 at Dundee, Scotland. James Orton Webster died after 1930.


Johanna Smith d. c 1911

John Webster

M, d. after 1930
FatherJames Orton Webster b. 1877, d. a 1930
MotherJohanna Smith d. c 1911
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     John Webster died after 1930.

Lavinia Emma Webster1

F, b. 13 November 1855, d. 15 July 1928
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     Her married name was Warnock. Lavinia Emma Webster married William Crawford W. Warnock in 1855 at Hobart, Van Diemen's Land, Australia. Lavinia Emma Webster was born on 13 November 1855 at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She died on 15 July 1928 at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, at age 72.

Family 1

William Crawford W. Warnock b. 1845

Family 2

William Crawford W Warnock b. 1845


  1. [S205] Website: Archives Office of Tasmania.

Mary Jane Webster

F, b. 1898, d. circa 1972
FatherJames Orton Webster b. 1877, d. a 1930
MotherJohanna Smith d. c 1911
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     Her married name was Leafe. Mary Jane Webster was born in 1898 at Dundee, Scotland. She Came to Australia C 1922 from Dundee, Scotland. in 1922. She married John B Leafe, son of John George Leafe and Alice Caroline Rispen, in 1932 at Chatswood, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Mary Jane Webster died circa 1972.


John B Leafe b. 1894, d. 21 Apr 1968

Michael Geoffrey Wedd

M, b. 1961, d. 1978
MotherDorothy Katherine Withington b. 7 Oct 1936, d. 19 Feb 2008
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     Michael Geoffrey Wedd was born in 1961. He died in 1978.

Mabel Maude Wedlock

F, b. 1881, d. 1941
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     Her married name was Wilson. Mabel Maude Wedlock married Henry James Norman Bruce Wilson, son of Henry James Wilson and Amelia Lucas. Mabel Maude Wedlock was born in 1881. She died in 1941.


Henry James Norman Bruce Wilson b. 4 Dec 1881, d. 1960