Hobart Stanley Price was born at his parent's home at 128 Harrington St Hobart on the 17 August 1923. His birth was registered on the 21 August 1923, Birth Register No. 1551. The Informant was Eliza KOHL, a Nurse, of 98 Goulburn St Hobart. J.P. Laughton was the Registrar at the time. He was educated at the Albeura St State School and the Elizabeth Practicing School Hobart. Hobart served in the Australian Military Forces from the 20 January 1942 until 8 July 1946. He served in Australia and New Guinea. Hobart was a store man by occupation. He was employed at Ingles Grocery Store in the Quadrant Launceston until it closed. He was then employed at R.R. Bye in Bathurst St Launceston before his retirement. Hobart Stanley Price is a member of the Salvation Army.

Hobart Stanley Price Photos

1 102 Balfour Street Launceston
1 Hobe & Daph in the street
10 Hobe & Ross or Craig
11 Hobe & Ross
111 Bathurst Street Launceston
12 Hobe & unknown child
13 Hobe & Unknown woman 2
2 102 Balfour Street Launceston
2 Going Swimming
2 Hobe in New Guinea
3 Hobe & Daph & family
3 Hobe in New Guinea
4 Hobe & family
4 Hobe in New Guinea
5 Hobe & Daph on a seat
5 Hobe & his mum
5 Hobe in New Guinea
5 Launceston Salvation Army Band
6 Hobe & Daph with unknown
6 Hobe & Ross or Craig 2
6 Hobe in New Guinea
7 Hobe & Daph
7 Hobe & Ross or Craig 3
7 Hobe in New Guinea
7 New Guinea
8 Hobe & Daph in the country
8 Hobe & Ross or Craig 4
8 Hobe in New Guinea
9 Hobe & Ross or Craig
Going to the footy
Golden Wedding
Hobart Price & Gordon Spencer
Hobart Price
Hobe & Daph & Craig
Hobe & Daph at home
Hobe & Daph in the park
Hobe & Dog
Hobe & two dogs
Hobe & unknbown
Hobe & unknown woman
Hobe & Unknown
Hobe 1964
Hobe alone
Hobe and Daph
Hobe and Friend
Hobe and Harry Williams
Hobe being silly
Hobe dressing up
Hobe in a suit
Hobe in his footy jumper
Hobe in his uniform
Hobe In New Guinea
Hobe in the Centre
Hobe in the garden
Hobe outside 111 Bathurst Street.
Hobe playing footy
Hobe with his mother and sister Grace
Stan Tapp & Roy Price with Hobe & Ross