Clarence Albert Tapp was born on the 24 January 1901. He died in Launceston on the 24 April 1974 and is buried at Carr Villa, Launceston. Beatrice Mary Shepherd was born on the 6 October 1904. She died in Launceston on the 1 October 1984. She is also buried in the Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston. Albert worked as a miner at St Marys before moving to Launceston where he obtained a job at the railway yards, Invermay Road. He later worked as a wardsman at the Launceston General Hospital. During the depression years Albert and his wife Beatrice ran a soup Kitchen in Dunning St Launceston. Clarence would deliver meals to the needy on his push bike.

Clarence and Beatrice Tapp

1 Clarence Tapp
2 Beatrice Shepherd
2 Soup Kitchen
3 Soup Kitchen
A Day out
Beatrice & Unknown
Beatrice and Hobart Price
Delivering meals for the City Mission