Michael Fitzmaurice was born on the 28th December 1896 at Needles, Tasmania. Michael Fitzmaurice was a miner by occupation. He worked in the mines at Rosebery and Zeehan. Michael Fitzmaurice died on the 11 July 1977, on the 54 anniversary of his wedding. Michael was residing at 73 Thompsons Lane Launceston at the time of his death.. He is buried in the Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston. Dorothy was born at Kimberley, Tasmania C 1900, She married Michael on the 11 July 1923 at the St Andrews Church of England, Westbury, Tasmania. Dorothy died on 13 September 1982 and is buried with her husband

Michael and Dorothy Fitzmaurice

1 Dorothy Ethel Bonney
2 Dorothy Bonney
3 Dorothy Bonney
4 Dorothy and her family
5 Dorothy Bonney
Michael Fitzmaurice 1
Michael Fitzmaurice
Mickael fourth from left