Hugh Herbert Price was born on the 29 November 1886. His birth was registered at Gordon in 1887. Hugh was a Master Mariner by occupation. On 16 December 1908 he was granted Marine Board of Hobart Certificate of Competency No 102 as Master, River or Harbour Trade. On 29th June 1934 he was granted Pilotage Exemption Certificate No. 441 to navigate within the limits of the Port of Hobart. On 29 June 1934 he was granted Marine Board of Hobart Certificate of competency No. 73 as Master Limited Coast Trade. Hugh resided at resided at Woodbridge and later at 56 Molle St Hobart. At the time of his death he resided at 395 Brooker Highway Moonah with his wife Alberta Lewis and his daughter Grace. It is not known if he resided at any other location between Woodbridge and Molle St, or between Molle St and Brooker Highway . Hugh died in Hobart on the 30 April 1953. He died as a result of being crushed by a log on a barge. Hugh was the skipper of a barge transporting logs to Hobart for processing, when one of the logs came loose and rolled on him. Hugh is buried with his wife in the Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart.

Hugh Herbert Price

1 Hugh Herbert Price
2 Hugh Price
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